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Love, Bitchin', & Drugs... McQueen & I
The Everday Man

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN--- a name that conjures up images of fanciful-provocative haute couture, a name synonymous with haute couture brands Givenchy and Alexander McQueen.

February 11, 2010 The Fashion World came to a shocking stand still when news broke out of Alexander McQueen’s suicide…  He hanged himself in his wardrobe and when paramedics came he was pronounced dead on the scene.  He apparently couldn’t take the death of his mother nine days before.

British television channel More4 has recently aired a documentary tribute entitled “McQueen & I” about the life of Lee Alexander McQueen through the eyes of those who were close to him. It gives a revealing and candid look into the man behind the gilded façade.

Amongst those who appeared on the documentary were---

Michael McQueen, brother of McQueen:

“She (mum) wouldn’t have been over the moon with my brother for what he did. I’m afraid no one was. It was very disappointing in that respect. He always thought the world of our mum."

Catherine Brickhill, former design assistant of McQueen:

"There wasn’t a lot of space, people were running around and I remember him running over to Eva Herzigova and cutting the laces on her corset and saying ‘you f@#%ing bitch’ and y’know dragging her to get her to exit on time.”

"She was in tears by the time she was out there. No one had ever treated her that way."

Eric Lanuit, former Givenchy head press officer:

“The press officer’s role is also to be a nanny. McQueen would call to ask for certain ‘vitamin substances’ to help him stay up all night and through the day of a fashion show. I’m not talking about vitamin C, I am talking about cocaine.”

Jodie Kidd, model for McQueen:

"I was just beginning as a model and he was just beginning as a designer. Every time we went out on the catwalk we would be lined up and he would say ‘Come on Jode go for it’ psyching me up and then he would say ‘out’ and off we would go."

This is a truly must watch documentary but sadly for folks like me here in the islands it's a No-No...
More4 only allows its contents to be viewed by those who are in the United Kingdom. The rest of the 6,840,908,000 of the world's population who doesn't reside in the United Kingdom can only wish =(

But still in case some readers are from the UK or have relatives in the UK who can download it for thirdworlders like me here are the links:
McQueen & I (Link 1)
McQueen & I (Link 2)

Just remember if you do... SEND IT TO ME TOO!!! 

*Photo courtesy of People.
*Video courtesy of More4.
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