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The Everday Man

1. Woohooo! The first package from Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger arrived yesterday! And to my relief they actually fit although I will still have them altered to be brought in around the body and to decrease the width of the sleeves. But more importantly the sweater fits fine! Just a tad bit allowance on the body but I can live with that plus it only makes me look skinnier! And that’s always a plus right??? Well the bad news??? One of the shirts that Hilfiger sent me was WRONG. I ordered this prepster style plaid shirt but they sent me this blue checkered shirt which isn’t really my style. Well anyways I will just learn to live with it since sending it back would be pointless since it took a month before it arrived here and would also probably take another month if I do ship it back.

This is just the first batch of packages and I am still waiting for the second one but I believe that it will arrive by next month. Good thing the second shipment is from Ralph Lauren and NOT Hilfiger…

2. As promised I went back to my antiques dealer to take a picture (albeit a stolen one) of the carved ivory piece I’ve been raving about. Looks like I was mistaken by my estimation the other day because turns out it isn’t even three inches it’s more of two and half inches. So that would be US$1145 for a TWO AND A HALF INCH piece--- doesn’t that price sound even more ridiculous amazing as the piece gets smaller???

I am secretly wishing that it wouldn’t sell and that the consignor would be in desperate need of money so that I can offer US$300 for it--- haha MEAN!

3. Yesterday I was at the mall this time looking for some denim that is somewhat slim, low waist and dark in color but it proved to be very hard to find just the right one. So that mission was a total fail. But I did come across this art gallery where they offered carved sandstone panels and I fell in love with these set of sandstone panels with a Chinese concubine theme. But again beauty comes at a price and this time to the tune of US$1962!!!

This is my attempt at taking a picture secretly because here in the third world if you take pictures of shops they might mistake you for a gangster planning a heist. LOL

4. Kate Walsh said in a recent interview with More Magazine that she “Feels like a loser” for not having kids. But hey don’t hate on “not planning to have any children” people like me. Personally I have no plans on having children in the future heck I don’t even plan on getting married! When I first told my parents that they abhorred the idea and even gave me a lecture on why it is important to have diploid clones of yourself in the future. But to each his own and after a while they have gone to accept my choice.

In fact I told them that I just plan on having lots of dogs and that it would be stipulated in my will that my dogs would be the heirs to my estate and if ever I predecease them that guardianship would pass to my siblings. Thus giving them control over my estate but if the dogs die of “unnatural causes” meaning SOMEONE MURDERS THEM then my estate would be donated to the government. LOL

5. Casey Abrams FOR THE WIN!!!

Casey Abrams... Top 12...

Money Maker/Druggy/Porn Dad Charlie Sheen
is said to be in talks with CBS for his return in “Two and A Half Men”. And show insiders have said that there is an eighty percent chance that he will be back. This just goes to show that despite being a crazed “warlock/troll” Charlie Sheen is still WINNING!!!

7. This is Anna Wintour on the cover of WSJ Magazine. You see that amethyst, aquamarine and citrine neckpiece? I believe it is one of her favorites as I have seen her in a multitude of pictures wearing the same piece. But if Rachel Zoe is to be believed wearing such a piece is a FASHION NO-NO! as it has “too many colors”--- well at least that’s what she said to Brad Goreski in one of the episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project.


So the million dollar question is--- who are we to believe Fashion Doyenne Anna Wintour? Or Hollywood’s MOST POWERFUL STYLIST Rachel Zoe? You be the judge. But personally I’m with “Nuclear Wintour” in this one…

8. Hedi Slimane of Former Dior Homme fame and Godfather of Manorexics including moi the world over has praised the frail gaunt frame once again. He said in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily that “we should drop…” the athletic, lean and youthful male figure as they can forget about looking fashionable unless they want to look like Chippendales dancers. MANOREXIA FOR THE WIN!!!

9. Panasonic Lumix DMX-FP7, with the ability to erase wrinkles, whiten teeth and gives you rosy cheeks and make-up--- FAIL!!!

I don’t even have to describe it just take a look at the pictures…

Seriously is anyone going to buy this??? Well I’m a believer in free choice and all but be warned… you might end up being mistaken as a waxed up Barbie at MADAME TUSSAUD’S!!!

10. In even bigger news Michael Lohan has been arrested for felony domestic violence!!!

Where’s that button again???

Ah here it is…


Since when did Michael Lohan become a celebrity and more importantly since when did people start caring???

*Photos courtesy of WSJ Magazine and StyleList.


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