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Trouble in Paradise and the Venerable Shoemaker...
The Everday Man


The US$1,000,000,000 tax evasion case has caused trouble in paradise!!! Oh say it isn’t so! The Italian Revenue Service is accusing designing duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of purposely not paying taxes they purportedly owe the Italian Government from the 2004 sale of their clothing company to Gado, Luxembourg-based company which prosecutors are accusing them of owning…

The sale of the company to Gado resulted to the two paying much lower taxes in Luxembourg than what they would have paid for in Italy. The duo however remain quiet aside from the press statement they released in WWD last year completely denying the whole thing…

The two contend that one does not have to pay taxes for an amount they never received. And they say that the calculations of the Italian Revenue Service is absurd. They maintain that they did not under value their company (as they are accused) and that it was rightfully worth €360 million or US$508 million at the time it was sold.

Whichever way the ball rolls I just hope that the designing duo get through this predicament because I simply love their work…


Ok I haven’t done this in a while and I fear that shoe addicts out there might go into withdrawal if I don’t do it soon… So I present to you some mighty fine shoes I came across and I am telling you they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Santoni S.P.A. is an Italian luxury leather shoe maker established by Andrea and Rosa Santoni in 1975. The company prides itself with the creation of high quality men’s shoes that proved so successful that they branched out to do women’s shoes, children’s shoes and leather accessories as well…

The quality of their shoes is almost unparalleled because of the passionate care given to each step of the shoe making process, from the creation of the wooden formers, the genesis of the article, the manual cutting of the leather, the hand stitching, continuing through to the polishing and thorough final inspection…

They also make sure to only use the best materials available. They even use fine leathers for the whole insole of the shoe…

All of these careful steps come into fruitition in the form of the PERFECT SHOE…

Classic Collection

Lawrence 10124

Boris 10053

Club Collection

Nautilus 10480

Barbados 9718

Limited Edition Collection





 Special Edition


Panama N.2

Panama N.3

I love their Panama Series. Can’t you just see yourself strolling around somewhere in Cabo, the Caribbean’s or even Havana?

Cover Guetre
Two shoes for the price of one!!!

Eagle Croco

AMG Croco

Country Boot

Gloria Tartan


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